Nishi no Seki

We will continue to base ourselves locally and to pass on traditional handmade sake brewing techniques to future generations. And we will endlessly do our best to pursue the original taste of Japanese sake.In recent years, sake has been judged as lying between the sweet and the dry.
But in fact, real sake is transcendent to these qualifications, and is a synthesis of these; for we eat while we drink, and our sake must bond with our food.

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Sake brewery and tasting tours are available. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a personal or group tour.


More information about Kunisaki Rokugousha

Kunisaki Rokugousha

Since 1987, Rokugousha has been masterfully crafting custom-made furniture, wooden cutlery, and wood products in Kunisaki using the highest quality wood from Japan. Cutting boards are handmade from a variety of Japanese trees, each showcasing their natural qualities and elegance that will delight you for years.

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The d-torso was invented by Aki Co., Ltd., in 1998, and started with a “paperboard assembly mannequin.” Based on the Dimension Transforming System, the d-torso has continued its development as a craft, designer interior object, display piece, and robot, as well as in packages and promotional media. The Miniature Kit Series has proven especially popular among kids and adults, with various designs such as zodiac animals, dinosaurs and well-known characters. The have been sold at designer stores and museum shops, both domestically and internationally.

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