Michi No Eki Kunisaki

Welcome to Michi No Eki Kunisaki !

Kunisaki’s Roadside Station

If you aren’t familiar with Japan, you may be wondering what a Michi No Eki is! Mostly produce, these local shops provide a place for local residents to sell their produce and products ranging from strawberries to sunflower seed oil. Some will serve up soft ice cream made from local fruit, jams, special toppings for rice and much much more! Japanese people seek out these roadside areas for a taste of the local goodies, so they are a good location to get a taste of the local area! Luckily, our location is on the beach, has a picnic area, a park, restaurants, bike rental, and a gift shop!

Michi No Eki

Tourism Office and Bike Rental 0978-72-5168
Gintachi no Sato (Seafood Restaurant) 0978-73-2170
Kurtotsu no Sho (Gift Shop) 0978-73-2121
Yumezaki Tea House (Produce and Restaurant) 0978-72-2390

ターミナル駐車場のフロント     銀たちの郷     黒津の庄     夢咲