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Welcome to the Kunisaki Peninsula!

We here at the Kunisaki Tourism Association understand the complexities that come along with traveling to the rural countryside in Japan. Our goal is to provide a style of rural sightseeing that allows visitors to conveniently enjoy the countryside of Japan and provide opportunities to build personal experiences and lasting memories with the residents of Kunisaki. We want to cater to you in a way that will both exceed your expectations and leave you with a once in a lifetime experience!

The Kunisaki Peninsula is a place like no other place in Japan. The 1,300 years of existing relics and statues found among the mountain temples and trails can leave visitors with an array of mixed impressions that vary as much as the thousands of years that have passed on this undiscovered land, known as the Kunisaki Peninsula. Rich in it’s own history, yet nothing extraordinary to the locals, the spirit of this place is both present and subtle. Life here is laid back and you’ll find it easy to relax and enjoy your surroundings. With direct flights to and from Tokyo all day, getting here is not a ch
allenge, leaving is!

Since ancient times Kunisaki has been a training place for those seeking spiritual enlightenment through rigorous mountain rituals. Kunisaki has a rich culture combining Buddhism, Shintoism, and mountain worship, leaving the peninsula full of relics and artifacts that have been left standing for over a thousand years. Come explore the treasures of Kunisaki!

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【The Kebesu Fire Festival】

This popular fall festival, unique to the Kunisaki Peninsula, takes place every year on the evening of October 14th.
The origin and name of the Kebesu Fire Festival is unknown, but this mysterious and dynamic fire festival will leave you gasping as bundles of blazing thatches are carried through the crowd of spectators dodging the falling flames. The legend has it that if you are exposed to the falling embers you will be blessed with good fortune! Will you be one of the lucky ones?

Date: October 14th (Fri)
Place:, Kushiku Shrine (Kunimi, Kunisaki City, Oita)
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The long trail encompasses 1,300 years of mountain training for priests throughout ancient times. ... See MoreSee Less

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